Come on, Boobs.

You’re not Pamela Anderson. You’re not even Christina Hendricks. They can’t be THAT hard to wrangle.

Also, as Jessica pointed out, if this party is any indication then these H&M for Versace (note: i am leaving this typo — it is Versace for H&M — because it is hilarious) clothes are from Planet WHAT. Some of the collection looks like this — the garb of refugees from a convention of people who once sat on the hoods of cars in hair metal videos — and then there’s this:

Kaylee here is twenty-five, not twelve. She’s on Gossip Girl, not Nickeodeon Presents Flapper Jackie, the story of a girl who gets zapped into the roaring twenties from the pages of a Fisher Price catalog. Nothing about this is okay except the fact that she eventually took it off again.

[Photos: Getty]