We can’t let Sarah Michelle Gellar creep back onto network TV — in a soapy dual-role as a girl impersonating her presumed-dead twin, who is in fact alive and crabby — without a thorough examination of her wardrobe. Bridget is a po’ ex-junkie; Siobhan is a ┬áhoity-toity socialite with a secret pregnancy, a lover, a hated drug-addled stepdaughter, and a stick lodged someplace unpleasant. But because this show was originally for CBS and not The CW, her wardrobe is kind of… a CBS-ified CW socialite, rather than, you know, Blair Waldorf. Although looking at this first shot of Siobhan, it occurs to me that Blair Waldorf would very much like to be this person when she grows up, possibly right down to the death-faking and poorly green-screened motorboat and mystery fetus. So: Come for the dark glasses, stay for the giant red bag and the sci-fi ponytail and the one-sleeved gold-draped black thing. Tempted? Then INDULGE. These are just from the first two episodes. I’m sure there will be more fugs to come. Or at least more crazy hair.