KIM: Hey Khloe. You look pretty…

KHLOE: Thanks.

KIM: I was going to say “pretty good,” but sure.

KHLOE: Well, I’m super depressed about Lamar still and of course Rob, so I’ve been–

KIM: Who’s Rob?

KHLOE: Our brother.

KIM: We have a brother?

KHLOE: Last time I checked.

KIM: That’s crazy. The world is changing so fast.

KHLOE: Except for your wardrobe. It’s exactly the same.

KIM: No, this is totally new, dude.

KHLOE: Maybe, but it’s also NOT, you know? Bra top, high-waisted tight skirt, big coat. Same-old, same-old.

KIM: Oh yeah? Well then what if I do THIS:

KHLOE: .. yeah, still boring. Still the same.

KIM: Okay then how about THIS?

KHLOE: I mean, the greys are gorgeous, and your have awesome taste in coats, but… still the same. You have a hundred tops that turn see-through and you wear them all, always. Don’t you ever want to do something different?

KIM: I don’t think I need to take advice from someone who’s clearly insane. A brother named Rob. As if! I’m PRETTY sure I would know about him.


KIM: Poor deluded Khloe.

KHLOE: He’s real! He used to sell socks! He… never mind, none of this is making him sound real. We’ll deal with it later.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]