An eagle-eyed Fug National pointed out on Twitter that this is the second time Sienna has experimented with ruffles this year, the first being this Gucci she wore in Cannes.

I did not like that other dress, and yet at least it was committed to the theme. This is like its limp, flighty cousin, who doesn’t really want to go into the family business of being a red-carpet outfit and can only give about thirty percent of its attention to the matter. It is Billy from Melrose Place, briefly feigning an interest in Dad’s Furniture Store, even though we know that won’t last because NOBODY on an Aaron Spelling nighttime soap spends any length of time selling recliners. That episode was painful to watch. This dress might not be as heavy on the mouth-breathing or mullets (although it IS poorly chopped), but it does inspire in me that same sense of, “When will this be over?”

[Photo: Getty]