Dude,  here’s the thing. When your outfit very obviously doesn’t zip, you have some choices:

They are:



b) Have it altered to place the extra fabric on the SIDES so YOU CAN ZIP IT


c) Wear a jacket.

Notice what’s missing on that list? “Pose for pictures in a dress that’s obviously been half-assedly altered to fit.” The only reason I can think for doing this is if you want to stir up some rumors that you are a) Knocked Up, or b) Losing Ye Olde Marbles.

You haven’t even seen the front yet:

That Felix the Cat in a little too close to bursting out of her crotch for my personal taste — I take no issue with whimsy, but it’s a bit too on the nose (or on another body part, ahem) — and that bow is ridiculous unless you’ve just come from the set where you’re playing the car in Lexus Christmas commercial.

In short: Girl, what were you thinking?

And in poll:

You make the call:

  • Dude. Pregnant. (7%, 625 Votes)
  • We have thought she was pregnant too many times for me to feel comfortable speculating at this point. (13%, 1,256 Votes)
  • At the very least, she wants us to THINK she's pregnant. (10%, 934 Votes)
  • Not pregnant, just cracked out. (71%, 6,793 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,609

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