Premiere Of Touchstone Pictures'

JAMIE LEE CURTIS: Do you have to hold my hand?
SIGOURNEY WEAVER: Come on, Jamie Lee, revel in it! This is a hilarious piece of japery!
JAMIE LEE: Indeed. So inspired.
SIGOURNEY: Aw, give us a little tooth in your smile! Everybody knows the scene in the preview for You Again, where our characters accidentally wear the same dress and I’m all, “Call Us Weekly to see who wore it best!” And now they can!
JAMIE LEE: Fine. If that’s what you want, then FINE.
Premiere Of Touchstone Pictures'
JAMIE LEE: Look at MEEEEE, America! Mine is hemmed correctly and my shoes could pin her to the wall!
SIGOURNEY: Well, that’s not called for. Especially from a woman the color of creme brulee crust.
JAMIE LEE: I’m just making my argument, Sigmund. 
SIGOURNEY: Well, I’m nine years older than you, sister, but do you think anyone can tell?
JAMIE LEE: Touche, Sigarette. Touche.
SIGOURNEY: Let’s just let them vote and get it over with, okay? I probably have another well-reviewed Saturday Night Live hosting job to prepare for, or something, and I’m sure you have… something… to do.
JAMIE LEE: Like write one of my children’s books, or do charitable work, or run around England being the wife of a baron?
SIGOURNEY: I… well, yes. Ahem, the poll, please.

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