DONNA: David, you look confused.
DAVID: Well, I just noticed you’re wearing an ice-skating costume tucked into your pants. 
DONNA: David, are you new? I’m a VIRGIN. I like to wear WHITE THINGS. Sometimes that means dressing like I’m in You Will Get Nothing And Like It: The Ice Capades’ Ode To Abstinence.
DAVID: Are you ever going to lose your virginity?
DONNA: Eventually, yeah, but not until you lose yours in the backseat of a limo with another woman, and I unhinge my jaw and swallow whole the faces of about four other guys, and get stalked and burglarized, and magically get boobs that are four cup sizes larger.
DONNA: Anyway, this isn’t even the worst white thing that’s ever been worn on this show. I mean, come on:

DAVID: Wow, Kelly looks terrible.
DAVID: But you look like you’re playing Uncle Sam’s niece in a rodeo musical. And you know what Uncle Sam said in those old posters, right?
DONNA: ‘I Want You’?
DAVID: I mean, I’m just saying.
DONNA: Does it always have to come back to SEX with you, David?
DAVID: Why do I get the feeling that if we were living in 09/02/10, we’d be on Secret Life of the American Teenager?
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