I have such a tremendous fondness for Michelle Williams:

Meek's Cutoff - Premiere:67th Venice Film Festival

Part of it, of course, is because I enjoyed her on Dawson’s Creek — there is something to be said about being a doomed character on a WB/CW soap who is given a dignified death on the same show where a character was killed when the ICE CREAM SCOOP into which he was CAR SINGING fell on the ground and he REACHED DOWN TO PICK UP ICE CREAM OFF THE FLOOR OF HIS CAR AND THEN HE DIED. Like, that’s a humiliating way to get killed off. Jen Lindley, though… that finale was solidly tear-jerking, and she was often the very best actor on that show (along with, of course, Josh Jackson). And then, as you know, she and her daughter have had such sadness so early in their lives that every time I see a picture of them, I want to hug them both. I am sincerely rooting for her, is what I am saying. And I want the best for her, and that includes an awesome wardrobe. Does this count as awesome?

Now, let’s check out a more casual look from the same press junket:

Celebrity Sightings - Day Six:67th Venice Film Festival

Adorable? You be the judge: