I have come to a certain level of grudging fondness for Lauren Conrad:

Vh1 Save The Music Foundation Gala - Arrivals

In part, this is because it seems quite clear that she is NOT a total asshat. I am impressed with her for realizing that she had to escape The Hills, and for finding herself a variety of other ways to make money — her books, her fashion line, her endorsements, etc — unlike certain other douchewads who are currently living with Spencer’s parents and considering bankruptcy because they ran through ten million dollars buying things like a terribly produced dance album and a new face. It’s unfortunate that this is the yardstick by which we are measuring these things, but there you go. However, I am undecided about this frock. It’s completely lovely, I think — but it feels a bit STAID, perhaps?

I might not be totally feeling it just because I really loved what she wore to film her latest reality show earlier in the week:

Lauren Conrad leaves 'Louie' restaurant in Downrtown Los Angeles.

[Photo: Splash News]

Admittedly, there were two minutes when I was pretty sure this person was Whitney Port, but that’s just the hair. This, I think is adorable — like something you’d see in the What Was She Wearing edition of Who What Wear Daily, if only because I want that bag and I can’t be alone in that — without being overwrought (or clearly bought in Crazytown).