Lots of people went nuts for this green dress.

And they’re not wrong about the dress ITSELF, but right now I think it’s all wrong for her — the color is a dream but the fit of the top is a nightmare. Now, she may still be breast-feeding, so it’s possible her chest is larger than she’s used to, and ergo it gets a little more easily mashed and mangled. Or, it’s just entirely an accident. Either way, I hope this was a brief event so that she could go home and put on a t-shirt and maybe some ointment.

She took the purse with her as part of a much more successful outfit:

The purple shoes would’ve looked cute with this too, although I can see the logic to lightening up the ensemble with bright shoes. That dress is adorable, though, and looks about a thousand percent more comfortable. Sorry, McQueen, you lose this one. You were boob jail. This is liberty.

[Photos: Getty, Pacific Coast News]