As I said to Heather yesterday afternoon, the tiny glimpse of Emma Watson that we get at the end of this trailer makes her feel just perfect as live-action Belle:

Can’t you just imagine her doing this?

I must admit, I am kind of excited about this movie. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite of the Disney classics from the 90s (and perhaps my favorite of them all, period), and the cast is quite good. Heather and I were bemoaning the lack of my beloved Jerry Orbach as Lumiere, but Ewan McGregor will probably be good in that part. And we were distressed about the lack of Angela Lansbury for obvious reasons, but Emma Thompson is playing Mrs Potts and who can deny the power of that? Obviously, Cousin Matthew as the Beast is alluring, and Josh Gad is perfect as Le Fou. Will Luke Evans live up to this?

Only time will tell. Get out your library ladders!

[Gifs via GIPHY]