It’s high time to add Olivia Pope’s wardrobe to our rotation — although, of course, there wasn’t that MUCH of one in the premiere, but you’ll want to see her coat. Also, I’ve read that they’re tweaking the style of other characters as well, like Darby Stanchfield’s Abby. That usually means, “Let’s trash some cardigans, people.” They should have a Scandal fire sale. People would come.

But, two notes:

1) As always, there will be plot spoilers in here;

2) I have never previously watched Scandal with a very exacting eye, so I’m sure I’ve missed some nuances and maybe even some big things in past seasons, like people’s taste in ties and such. Therefore I will almost CERTAINLY fumble some things. I’m sorry about that in advance, and pray that you will not thrust my severed head atop a spike.

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