Here’s my issue with this show — well, one of many, most of which you are already all too aware: I have a tendency to forget what it happening on it AS IT HAPPENS. It’s like…in one eye and out the other. Part of the reason for that is that they’ve made a lot of their on-going plots WAY too complicated and my brain isn’t interested in following them, because it has a lot of other TV-related things to keep straight (who all the middle-aged bearded white dudes are on Game of Thrones; wtf is happening on Scandal, etc). The other part of the reason is that I don’t really care. HOWEVER! These final four hours kind of pulled it together. It’s not GREAT, but some interesting things happened in the midst of all the Don’t Care. For example: Charlotte is pregnant! And has a psychotic lesbian schoolmate stalker (who fell in love with Charlotte after Charlotte punched her in the face, which is….troubling)! Declan is, like his accent from season one, dead! Amanda tells Jack who she actually is! There’s a swordfight and Aidan kills Takeda! Etc! So maybe next season will be….okay? I’m not holding my breath.

Tags: Revenge