Okay! Happy (pre)Valentine’s Day from the Hart of Dixie people, but in Bluebell, it’s “The Sweetie Pie Dance,” where people dance with their sweeties, and eat pie. It is a great shame that no one got a pie in the face in this episode, is all I am saying. Here’s what did happen: Jason Street found out about Lemon’s Terrible Mom, and confronted her about it, realizing that this is why she’s been so ass-y lately. Lemon continued to have to shoulder the most demanding acting on this show, despite being easily the least skilled actor. Zoe and Wade had a prank-off that was basically the grown-up version of teasing someone because you liked them, which prompted Hot Vet Judson to break up with Zoe, and Zoe to call Wade out on the fact that he Likes Her Likes Her. Wade admits it…and then pretends to be Just Joking. What an ass. I mean, don’t get me wrong — I love me some Hot Neighbor Wade, but COME ON NOW. If you admit you like her, THEN YOU GUYS CAN MAKE OUT. It’s the way of the world.  Oh! Also, DeeDee knows Mayor Lavon Hayes is hot for Lemon.  On to the ensembles!