There are a lot of people in the vicinity of Downton who are making very, very bad life decisions; an almost equal number of people who have had tragedy thrust upon them; and lots and lots and lots of meddling, although the takeaway continues to be that meddling in the affairs of others is the right decision, like, 95% of the time. All that, plus some amazing outfits and some really, really, REALLY good furniture.

A NOTE ABOUT SPOILERS: I know you lovely people who live in the UK (and you lovely people who have been watching by less than legal means) have already seen this season. I trust that you will continue to be lovely and considerate and you will not spoil those of us here in the US as to what we have in front of us. Please keep the comments spoiler-free. We all sincerely, sincerely, really appreciate it. Thank you! (It goes without saying, I hope, that if you have NOT caught up through season three, then this will have spoilers for seasons one through three.) And now…to the fall-out of the TERRIBLE THING, a variety of misguided marital suggestions, and some very drunken dimpled yahoos.