Another day, another bandage dress.

The thing is, I don’t have a problem with bandage dresses. The Herve Leger brand fashion shows are often kind of fun, because it’s interesting to see the different ways the concept is interpreted. But Jennifer Love Hewitt rarely does anything but wear a very basic-cut monochrome or two-tone bandage dress. To everything. She has not met a bandage dress she did not Kind Touch into red carpet infamy. It’s an addiction. She’s a Legeraholic. We rarely feature her anymore because what is there to say? Brand loyalty is lovely and all, but hell, even Renee Zellweger occasionally picks Carolina Herreras that are different-looking (or, gasp, wears another designer altogether).

Can you fix her? And I don’t mean changing the hem or the color. What would you like to see her in? Whose style should she use as a template to branch out from her high-fashion mummification? What designer should be her new go-to? Do J.Lo.Hew a solid here. She needs you, Fug Nation. Because right now her personal client list only has one name on it. HA HA. Get it? See what I did there?  Client List? Oh, man, why do I always turn into (more of) a hack on Fridays? Is it even Friday? I think this is all because I made it through almost all of Wednesday thinking it was Thursday, and once the eggs were scrambled, there was no getting ‘em back into the shell. And sadly no hash browns.

[Photo: Getty]