I am digging the slouchy-sexy drop-waisted look here.

It helps that she’s narrow as a finger. Anyone with real hips who tried to wear that would probably look like the fanciest pear in the fruit bowl, but on her body, it’s giving off a really relaxed-glam vibe complemented by great hair, perfectly bold lipstick, and some killer gams. Okay, so it’s not inspiring me to quit sandwiches — not when I had such a glorious day with them yesterday, on National Sandwich Day — but I do kind of want to go do some lunges now, and that can’t be all bad.

Speaking of the lipstick, whoever is shilling the purply pink color is working overtime. Check it:


Alison Eastwood here wore a similar hue — although in close-up she kind of looks like she just drank three bottles of shiraz and is now very cold. And even Ed Westwick got in on the action.

Okay, no. But seriously, his lips do look a touch rouged, no? Is Chuck Bass having an easy, breezy, beautiful moment?