In the absence of my fall/winter hate-watch, Smash, I’ve been forced to hate-watch The Newsroom and Bunheads, which is satisfying enough — like scratching an itch when you have the chicken pox: You know it will lead to no good, but damn, in the moment it feels right — but not quite the same. I miss the way Smash’s lofty aspirations come crashing down because they’re tethered to bad characters and weird plots and wrong assumptions and faulty logic… and bad costuming. On that front, I refer of course to Debra Messing’s character and her pathological obsession with dusters and scarves, and the kind of layering usually reserved for extremely homeless people who don’t have anywhere else to keep their stuff. But the new showrunner has also hired a new costume designer, and if this is indeed part of the show, it does it seem like they’ve gone in the opposite direction. Specifically, a nakeder one.

What nightmare is this? She looks like she bought a dress at Goodwill for a mass wedding that will be performed in a meadow moments before another Rapture (a real one this time, I’m sure). If her chest doesn’t file a grievance with SAG, then at least she should pull a diva trip and refuse to come out of her trailer.

Then again, maybe this was just a run-through. Because another set of pictures that appears to be from the same location shows her wearing something entirely different and a lot more Julia.

So, we’ve traded Hideous Sundress for a blazer, a shapeless shirt, and pants that don’t fit. Putting the pieces together, I’m guessing the former was to keep cool during a run-through on a hot day, and the latter is Julia 2.0: Now With Fewer Neck Wraps. Both are unflattering and unfortunate, but at least it means nobody got paid to put her in that white cotton thing. Then again, it means she paid for it herself and then put it on herself, and willingly allowed herself to be seen in it outside the confines of her sick bed… I’m getting dizzy, so I’d better retire to my fainting couch. Soon enough we’ll know the deal. In fact, I may have to fugcap this sucker. Get ready to get Smashed, y’all.

[Photos: INF Daily, Splash]