I very rarely say this about menswear, because I equally very rarely know what I’m talking about, but: Are the proportions on this wacky?

I feel like… a COAT can be that long, but it’s cut more like a blazer, and ergo this look comes off like he broke into Shaq’s house and stole things out of his giveaway pile. Right?

And then it turns out his whole look is proportionally off:

The t-shirt seems too long, and WHY is his murse so massive? (Sorry — “European carryall.”) All of these things seem like they are visual tricks to make him look like a hobbit. I mean, that bag alone is what you would give to a pregnant actress who is trying to hide her bump. I just want to crawl inside this styling session (which may be called Andrew Garfield Ambles Up To His Closet And Shrugs And Pulls Out Whatever) and jot down the proposed logic. Its… strange. Somewhere, Emma Stone is like, “You guys, I TOLD HIM NOT TO BUY THAT, but he did, and it’s why we broke up.”

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]