So, here’s the thing: Sometimes there are outright fugs, and sometimes it’s just contextual. Take this:

I’m not sure I’d qualify the dress as inherently problematic, but on Zoe, the cut of the shoulders suddenly makes her head look disproportionately small. Then again, maybe the dress’s illusion of broadness would do that to anyone, so maybe that DOES qualify as inherently problematic, and thus, as outright fug. And now I’m all tied up in a knot that not even the hardiest Eagle Scout could undo. Come on, Intern George. Be a lamb.

Is it the dress, or the dress on this person?

  • It's the dress -- not going to work on anyone. (21%, 1,199 Votes)
  • It's just not right on her (38%, 2,167 Votes)
  • It's ALL RIGHT, baby! (41%, 2,301 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,668

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