I am loath to offer up “fab” as an option, because to me this clearly is not. But for a dress that essentially looks like she tucked one end of a scarf into her underwear, wrapped it around herself twice and then up into a halter, and let the other side just hang… it does not look as absurd as I expected? It is not something I’d seek out, and certainly not with kitten-heeled thong ankle-wrap sandals. It’s basically a lukewarm fine. But in both the smaller context of, “If I described this to you, I think you’d imagine it worse than it is,” AND in the larger context of, “It’s light years more appealing than a lot of her past wardrobe, much of which was made entirely of fringe or had a lot of windows in it,” we might be on decent footing here.


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[Photo: Rex/Shutterstock]