Thank God we got a press release for this one, because I never would have been able to ID a dress that first came down the runway in 2010. I literally don’t even know what I ate for lunch yesterday. This — the age of the dress, not my lunch — opens up so many questions about how this particular frock ended up on this girl, not least because Shailene was like 17 at the time it showed, and probably hasn’t been day-dreaming about this specific outfit since then. We’re so used to seeing celebs wearing the freshest line from any given designer — or something properly vintage, of course — that I literally wonder how this even happened; the dress has also been altered from the runway version, and I can’t think why, because it’s better, as far as I am concerned, as originally seen (I stuck a snap of the original runway look in this slideshow so we may compare and contrast). I TOLD you I had questions. Let’s hash it out in the comments.

[Photos: Getty]