The curious thing about this show is, you feel like it SHOULD be tawdry, but it isn’t. It’s very well-made, very classy and nonjudgmental; it lets the footage and the people do the talking and you can conclude what you want. And although you feel awkward that Lindsay Lohan is clearly struggling through some issues, there is something terribly illustrative about the way she’s doing it (and honest about the way she discusses it), in a way that I think is USEFUL for people. She is a girl who I think is actually trying but often can’t get out of her own emotional and professional way, because she’s all jangled nerves and trust issues in addition to her substance problems. And parents who have kids in the industry could take this as an extreme cautionary tale of the value of minding your own behavior as well as your child’s. It’s just… it is a much, much better show than it has a right to be, and when I watch it, I think to myself, “Maybe seeing herself this way will be the final kick she needs to do more than just identify her issues, but actually hear them and see them. And stop them.”

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