Dude, Rose, don’t look at ME like that:

I did not force you to put a weird rectangular bib around your neck, the likes of which I’d expect to see as part it of a particularly Bizarrre Papal Accessories-Heavy episodes of The Borgias (which, parenthetically, is good trashy fun, especially if you ever had the jones to see Jeremy Irons wearing a sock over his head to protect his forehead from his ginormo, bejeweled Pope headgear). I’m sure that piece is part and parcel of this dress, but I kind of want to rip it off — the rest of the dress looks so cute, and I like the pattern on the skirt a lot.  But unless part of this evening’s plans included Hella Fancy Lobster Fest, I have to axe the bib.

What do the rest of you think?

  • Love it! (8%, 602 Votes)
  • Like it fine. (24%, 1,911 Votes)
  • Loathe it. (25%, 1,973 Votes)
  • LOBSTER FEST (43%, 3,400 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,885

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