Whether it’s fair or not, I feel like any time Boobs Legsly leaves one of her specialties under wraps, she automatically gets fifty points.

And I THINK I rather like this on her. It’s a tiny bit Little Mermaid, maybe, even down to the fact that Boobs’ hair looks reddish all of a sudden (and crunchy, and brassy, not at all like the awesome wild blonde mane that she really never ought to spoil because it’s the stuff of hair fantasies). But then again, I really like that movie — and Ariel’s hilarious bangs, which Boobs mercifully has left behind tonight — and this is fairly flattering even if it does aim to serve up the girls like plump Christmas geese. At least it’s not serving them up with a side of bikini wax.

Oh, Lady Legsly. You scamp. Where you lurk, flesh looms. Still, on balance, I think with a less limp hairdo — seriously, SERIOUSLY, what is Boobs doing with tresses that look faker than anything Jessica Simpson sells in a box at drugstores? — this was pretty. I mean, with this one, a hint of thigh is practically Amish territory.

What do you think of it?

  • Awesome! (41%, 3,782 Votes)
  • All right, I guess? (19%, 1,759 Votes)
  • Awfully fug (5%, 478 Votes)
  • WHAT is that hair? (13%, 1,199 Votes)
  • It's not THAT bad, is it? (4%, 381 Votes)
  • Have you SEEN the splendor of her regular hair? WHY IS SHE MESSING WITH IT. (17%, 1,605 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,204

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