I hope 666 Park Avenue does well; I like Rachael Taylor here a lot (she was the only person who seemed like she was trying in the Charlie’s Angels reboot), and who DOESN’T want to see Vanessa Williams and Terry O’Quinn as a couple who may be either in thrall to Satan OR actually Satan and his bride? Because I know that I do. And I think I like this outfit, too:

I WANT that top — you KNOW how I feel about sequins but I also have an obsession with navy blue — and I have a well-documented weakness for Wacky Pants. This is kind of Quirky Dinner Party Chic, and there is NOTHING I like more than a Quirky Dinner Party. So I’m finding myself voting with the Yays! here. How about you?

Also: Yes, I know it's not actually YAYS and NAYS, I just think "YAY" sounds more enthusiastic.

  • YAY. (56%, 4,527 Votes)
  • NAY. (20%, 1,644 Votes)
  • Meh. (23%, 1,869 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,043

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