At first I thought I’d misread the caption and that this was actually going to turn out to be Juliette Lewis.

That being said, I… don’t know. On Juliette Lewis, I’d be like, “Huh. Okay.” On SWINTON I’d be like, “You complete me.” On Ryan Gosling, I’d probably write some piece where in Intern George gets all squiffy inside. But I’m not sure this electric blue suit works ion every context — like, for instance, on Boobs Legsly, or Emma Roberts, or Cameron Diaz, or Jennifer Aniston — and so I can’t decide if it works in this one. Part of the problem is the hair. It appears to have been glued on in patches. Tell me: Would hair alone and better makeup turn this into a knockout punch? Or is the suit just sparring pointlessly with her? Would it at least make for a more fun fight if the shirt underneath was a little sexier? Work your magic, Fug Nation. Work it hard.

First, your ruling:

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[Photo: WENN]