There is one thing we cannot argue: Ophelia Lovibond is a great, great name. To the point where I wish I could steal it and make it the name of a plucky heroine in a novel, possibly a detective, definitely British.

As for the outfit… she’s so cute, and has that awesome name, that I’m feeling charitable.And this DOES have a very retro feel, which can be fun. But my first reaction, with the Easter Sunday white tights and the nipple belt that matches her shoes, was to cringe. Because I’m not really sure why her breasts needed cinching. What is that doing there? Is it just so the mustachioed gentleman behind her — who looks as retro as she does — can sidle up and ask her what a very pretty secretary like her is doing in a place like this, all while he cops a cheap feel by pretending to make sure it’s properly buckled? Peggy Olson WOULD NOT STAND FOR SUCH SHENANIGANS. Nor would Joan Holloway. Although she’d also need a bigger bosom belt.

And do you lovibond it?

  • I do! (41%, 4,120 Votes)
  • I DON'T! (59%, 5,912 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,032

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