Let’s cleanse our palates with what Michelle Monaghan usually looks like.

Ignore for a second that you can see her bra. Or, don’t; I can’t control you. But her face looks, well, normal.  Her makeup doesn’t scare me. She seems cute and natural and not at all like I need to put out an APB on her eyesight.

And now, behold her at the Source Code premiere.

I’ll just wait here for a second while you collect your thoughts. … I KNOW, RIGHT? It’s bad.

Apparently this movie is all about going back in time and changing blah blah disaster yada. I’m pretty sure I know what Michelle should do if she got to push the button. Although half of it, she could do in the ladies’ room with some water, a face cloth, and potentially a shoe swap with whomever is in the next stall so that she’s not doing the nude-white mix. Much easier than waiting for Doc Brown to hit his head on the toilet and invent time travel.