Because you know how I feel about finger guns.

And also so you can see the detail at the top of this dress. I am nothing if not GIVING.

This frock has caused dissent in the ranks, and by “the ranks” I mean, “our email.” Several of you wrote in to say how much you hated it, but I kind of like it myself. Hmm.  I guess that’s not really dissension in our email as much as WITHIN MY SOUL. I hate it when we fight. Anyway. What was I talking about? (I noted on Twitter today that I seriously thought today was Friday for SEVERAL hours, so you have to excuse me for being cracked out. Not that I have any excuse FOR cracked-out-ness. I just AM cracked out. And I’m asking you to accept it. [Fug Madness drove me crazy, basically. That’s what I’m admitting.] [You know it’s bad when you have a moment of gazing out your window and you think, “Wouldn’t it be nice to spend a couple of relaxing days in the sanitarium?])

Oh, right! MILLA. I think it’s charming. BUT. I can also see the argument that it has A LOT happening, like the whole thing is a very expansive decoupage product that got stuck to the front of another dress.

…and then, speaking of “a lot is happening at the top of this dress,” this was brought to my attention:

Oh honey. Everything was going so well.