I love Kylie and want the best for her in all things — which she is getting romantically, as she’s engaged to hot hot hot Galavant himself, Joshua Sasse (who, not for nothing, is 28 to her 47 and can get it) — and I am not TOTALLY sure this dress counts?

We got a better look at it on her Instagram last night, too:

Congrats to everyone on their fantastic work this evening for #bocelliandzanettinight ❤️❤️

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This is one of those looks where I feel like she is working it, and its inherent whimsy works for her, but it might be edging EVER SO CLOSE to looking like a craft project? Having said that…I would be the first person on the sign-up list for Arts and Crafts With Kylie Minogue, so maybe that’s okay.

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