Well, here it is: The last Nashville episode. I hate that it’s ending. I hate the way it ended. And I hate some of the things it did during its lifetime. But on the whole? And even so? I really loved this show. It did a LOT of small things right and a couple of big things brilliantly too. Like Deacon’s consistency, even when he was maddening. Like Maddie and Daphne, even when SHE was maddening. Like Will Lexington’s entire slow burn, and the redevelopment of Avery, and Juliette Barnes’ entire existence, and GLENN, sweet Glenn. That they created characters who feel SO familiar to me — who, to a man, I felt I knew well enough that I COULD get mad when I felt like they were acting unusually — is a wonderful rarity. And much like when Hart of Dixie departed, I’m going to miss them. It’s going to be awhile before I stop wondering what Juliette is doing. Long may Hayden Panettiere reign, even if it’s not here anymore.

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