Guiltily, I here admit that I haven’t watched Jessica Jones yet, purely because… ugh, the logistics of my life are boring, sorry. It doesn’t matter why. The point is, I was waiting to start, and then couldn’t, and so haven’t, and… it’s on my “I Have Purest Intentions Of Getting To This, I Promise” list. In the meantime, I can at least compliment Krysten’s stellar use of lip color here:

But I can’t decide what I think of the gown itself. It MIGHT look like Hermione strategically left open a few cage doors during Care of Magical Creatures, and a bunch of … I don’t know… rare Peruvian peach featherflies swarmed. But its also something she’s wearing in celebration of the costume arts, and rarely do I appreciate a fashion risk as much as at an event honoring the minds that are, themselves, of a type of magic.

[Photo: Getty]