Technically, Lana and her very shiny pretty hairĀ hosted this year’s Costume Designers Guild Awards, hence the two outfits. First off: Her head looks fantastic. I’m of the opinion that Lana Condor’s makeup artist, Melissa Hernandez, does some of the very best no-makeup makeup looks in town, and that is borne out here as well. (Obviously, I’m always here for the red lip.)

As far as her outfits go — I’m too old to call them “fits,” and I’ve accepted this about myself, I’m sorry, please accept me as the crone that I am! — the left, black sheer one is Christian Siriano and as much as I love him, I feel like all need to acknowledge we’ve come to the point in history where there is another way to do Sexy Goth Witch (a genre I enjoy!) that isn’t sheer/lace/panties. Please let us come together today to agree to leave sheer/lace/panties Sexy Goth Witch behind with the pandemic! The other outfit is Prabal Gurung and although it definitely looks like she’s toting around a blue duvet cover, I also basically dig it. It’s unusual and funky and it feels like it’s trying something? I don’t know. I’m ready for people to be trying something sartorially!

(Photos by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for the CDGA)