I believe this dress is from the same Oscar de la Renta collection as the dress Jennifer Lawrence wore to the SAG awards:

I am not TOTALLY in love with it. There are aspects of it that I really like — the color is sassy — but on the whole, I’m just not sure that it’s doing Charlotte here any favors. (It’s just not that into her? SEE WHAT I DID THERE? Nothing like an easy SatC pun from five years ago — we offer Fug Nation only the freshest material.) It’s like, resoundingly fine on her, and if we’ve learned anything from Sex and the City, it’s that…well, actually, I’m not sure if we didn’t learn that sometimes fine is okay. We might have. We learned a lot of crazy things on that show/movies, like, if you’re bored at home you should consider going to the Middle East and creating an international incident, and that Sarah Jessica Parker believes in sleeping in a bra. So now I’m all confused.

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