Keira Knightley theoretically really can’t dress like Elizabeth Bennet forever. However, Keira was really rather great in Pride and Prejudice, so I secretly don’t hate the idea of her deciding to chuck it all and marry Mr. Darcy and live out all the last days of her life in the garb of a country wedding attendant. Because┬áremember when she was belting pillowcases across her boobs? Never forget, Fug Nation. Never forget.

Fug or fab?

  • Fug! (14%, 1,658 Votes)
  • Fab! (35%, 4,069 Votes)
  • Really wouldn't work on many, but it does on her (38%, 4,425 Votes)
  • Save it for a Fanning, Keira. (12%, 1,357 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,509

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And the second?

  • Gorgeous! (61%, 4,520 Votes)
  • Rug. (13%, 994 Votes)
  • Both! (25%, 1,873 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,387

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