To those of you who think we pick the lone photo that illustrates our point, as if it were representative of ALL the photos, I must tell you: It took all my will power not to lead with the picture wherein Katy Perry looks drowsy.

Because the drowsyness just amplified the fact that her dress is falling off, in such a delirious, delicious way. However, that was just one shot, and she was smiling perfectly alertly in many others, so I resisted my baser urge. Besides, I think the strap itself makes enough of a point: That artfully deposed piece of string kicks this in a trashy direction — suddenly, the underslip looks like nudity, and the cleavage looks mishandled and muddled. And although her out-of-it facial expression didn’t stick all night, the strap DID linger there the entire time she was on the red carpet, with no evidence of her hiking it up and it slipping south again. Surely she felt it. Sometimes I feel it when it’s not even happening to me, like ghost of bra slips past. Why didn’t she fix it right then? She did take care of it once she got inside, but by then, she was standing in front of podiums or holding trophies and you couldn’t tell the effect it had on the whole dress:

I’m sure the whole thing looked better, but it feels like she kind of missed her boat, and was stuck paying a local to row her after it in a very tiny dory.

And for the record:


I mean, right? Totally underlined my point about HIKE UP YOUR STRAP LADYFRIEND. But I couldn’t let you think she walked around like Courtney Love all night. It wouldn’t have been proper. And frankly, Courtney Love would probably be offended that I would think she’d DARE waltz around with only ONE strap past the tipping point.

What's your take?

  • Pretty gown, if she were wearing it properly (50%, 2,942 Votes)
  • Pretty gown, regardless (8%, 489 Votes)
  • It actually leaves me cold, strap problem or no strap problem (41%, 2,416 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,847

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