I think  my favorite celebrity rumor right now is that Halle Berry is jealous because her stylist is spending more time with Sandra Bullock. First, because it’s led to a lot of really dumb “anonymous” quotes like, “Halle and Sandra adore each other,” because the only photo Getty Images has of them even standing near each other is this one from the 2011 Oscars and it is hilarious. I’m sure they DO get along. However I am also sure they don’t think about each other very often. BUT, and this is my second reason for loving this rumor, I cherish the idea of Halle flying into a rage and putting her Blind Side DVD into the microwave and then angrily watching While You Were Sleeping on HBO before having to admit it’s secretly kind of great and going on a brief detour about how times and faces may change but Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows are forever, and then trying to write a Speed fanfic in which Sandy’s character gets decapitated by a flying tire. Now THAT is a rumor.


I suppose it is possible that Halle’s stylist is not paying that much attention to her, and perhaps that’s because 85 percent of what she wears looks like it came from a lingerie store. I mean, she’s Halle Berry, so it’s rarely (if ever) that she looks bad in things, so much as the things do not live up to the genetic material being poured into them. And this just… it’s there. It looks like it should be in the closet of one of the Bravo housewives. I’m not inspired. However, I do want to give her props for sticking with the signature hair. It just WORKS on her — she never looks like herself when she grows it out, and I love that she’s representing a different kind of beauty than the sleekly artificial hair extensions practically everyone else in town keeps flinging around. Now if only her stylist would bring Sandy around for tea and a shopping spree, maybe EVERYONE could win.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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