As I noted in the slideshow of her Cannes looks, I suspect we will be seeing a lot of Jessica Chastain now that she’s something of a Hollywood darling (or at least has the makings of one). So thank God she’s making it interesting. I hope nobody spikes her drink with whatever it is that makes starlets wear exclusively flesh tones, because I’m loving her penchant for bright, friendly hues. Of course, the dress itself… well, it started out seeming kind of awesome, but the more she turns toward me, the less enamored I am. It’s like flirting with a dude across the bar and then realizing once you get up close that he has two noses and a serious dental hygiene deficiency.

What do you think?

  • It started out so well, but went sour, like a carton of milk. (41%, 2,573 Votes)
  • It started out awesome and STAYED THERE, like a Diet Coke. (35%, 2,180 Votes)
  • It started out not-great and never got better, like that show The Cape (20%, 1,234 Votes)
  • It started out not-great but turned out to be secretly good, like the new 90210 (4%, 275 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,262

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