BIEL: … But seriously, what, do you drink the blood of innocents? Make potions out of puppy hair and Tami Taylor’s sweat?

BECKINSALE: Whatever do you mean?

BIEL: Your HAIR. It always looks so full and bushy.

BECKINSALE: Well, obviously I’m not telling you any of my tricks. But I can tell you what I don’t do: mangy half-updos.

BIEL: What’s wrong with half-updos?

BECKINSALE: Nothing, as long as they’re not mangy. But the back of your head looks like a stray dog. Did you even need to do that?

BIEL: Well, it’s supposed to give height…?

BECKINSALE: And does it?

BIEL: Well, I mean… no, maybe?


BIEL: I guess you’re right.

BECKINSALE: I’m always right. Listeon, honey, you look exactly the same from the front as you would’ve if you hadn’t pinned up the back, so why make your back view look so ratty?

BIEL: Thanks. Good talk!

BECKINSALE: I’m not done, girlie. Also, brush your hair with something OTHER than your fingers, and use a hot oil treatment, and don’t lighten your ends so much that they look crispy, and I actually LIKE your dres, but LOOK how much cuter it is to wear a bright shoe with your neutral dress, and… you should be taking notes, sweetheart.


BECKINSALE: I’m just telling Jessica that she could look so much better. Could you get her a pen and paper?

COLIN: Not a chance! I am staying the HELL out of this one!

BIEL: Can I blame Justin for this?

BECKINSALE: Oh yes. Blame someone.

BIEL: I don’t love the toe on your shoes, though, Ms. Know-It-All. Just for the record.

BECKINSALE: Well, I had to add in one flaw. It keeps me human.

BIEL: Yeah! That’s… ALSO what I was doing!

BECKINSALE: No. You weren’t.

BIEL: … No. Damn you, Justin.

BECKINSALE: Well done.

How do you think Biel looks?

  • Great all-around (5%, 288 Votes)
  • Great dress, but she needs an updo (19%, 1,062 Votes)
  • Great dress, but she needed a bright shoe with it (27%, 1,487 Votes)
  • Great shoe but she needed a different dress (1%, 77 Votes)
  • Just go home for the day, Biel, and start again tomorrow (48%, 2,672 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,587

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And Beckinsale?

  • She looks either mostly or completely fabulous. (65%, 3,346 Votes)
  • Meh, actually. (12%, 602 Votes)
  • Blech, actually. (1%, 47 Votes)
  • SHE IS SO PRETTY. I would use "ZOMG" here if I could bear it. (22%, 1,116 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,111

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