First of all, from what I can tell from the pics from this event — and I am sure there are some of you in Fug Nation who were at this panel, in which case, please chime in! — Gal Gadot is CHARMING AS POSSIBLE. Even if her otherwise groovy pants might be a hair too long.

As far as Wonder Woman goes, this premiered at Comic-Con this weekend, and I thought Fug Nation would enjoy seeing it, if you haven’t, yet:

I had very low expectations for this — I LOVE Wonder Woman; you cannot underestimate the impression Lynda Carter made on a six year-old girl — but it looks like it might be really good. At the very very least, how refreshing to see a big budget superhero movie where a woman is, unequivocally, the hero — one directed by a woman, no less. Put on your protective bracelets and behold!

[Photos: Getty]