Much like Hailee Steinfeld before her, this dress on Jennifer Lawrence felt like a blast of air to the face on a hot day. It was her second major awards red carpet, for Winter’s Bone, and this color in that year really did feel like coming in hot. In the best way. But for some reason, whenever I look back on this dress, I pause and think, “Wait, do I really like this, or do I just want to like it?” I’ve concluded that what I’m tripping on is the eye makeup (aggressively smoky) and the shoes (too clompy for this). But I’m going to stick with the dress itself being a yes — in part because, when I look back at Jennifer Lawrence’s fashion, it’s one of the few outfits my brain can pull up at a moment’s notice. It’s this, and the red tank dress from the 2011 Oscars, and then SOMETIMES I can remember the dress she won her Oscar in (but my brain flickers on the color) where she tripped going up the stairs. So to me this is clearly an iconic J.Law moment, and even with my urge to go back in time and wipe cold cream over her lids, I stand by it.

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