First off: I finally saw Super 8 (on a plane, of course, as that is where I end up seeing like 60% of all movies), and Elle Fanning here is so good in it. Actually, I thought all the kids were great in that movie. She is adorable, and boy does she love a neutral:

If an older actress were wearing this, I would be cracking up Ye Old Fug Generator and plugging in the following variables: “grandma,” “tablecloth,” and “musty.” I might throw in a “doily” or a “antimaccasar.” And then I would just let The Robot do the work for me. But her youth! It confounds The Robot! It makes things that AREN’T cute seem like maybe they ARE cute, and it makes Cranky Crones (me) go easier on people than she might otherwise even consider.

So I'm going to make you do this:

  • It's HORRIBLE. PLEASE. (46%, 5,259 Votes)
  • It's....okay. (19%, 2,150 Votes)
  • It's so CUTE! (10%, 1,110 Votes)
  • SHE is selling this, but otherwise, I would not be buying anything. (25%, 2,886 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,406

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