Well, they seem to be getting along better:

I really just want these two to make it work. I don’t know why I’m so invested in this relationship, I just am. How does that happen? Why are there some celebs we love together, and root for, and some we actively want to break up, and some we literally could not care less about? And why are there some celebrities you couldn’t care less about until they get together with another celebrity you don’t care about, and then suddenly you like them both? Humans are weird animals.

Let’s take a better look at her dress:

The topknot feels a little Lauren Conrad, but I kind of like the dress. It feels — and might be — vintage. I appreciate that she could pop up in Scruples and no one else would miss a beat – it seems very 80s Charity Luncheon Power Bitch With a Powerful Demoralizing Secret That Will Eventually Empower Her, and I mean that in the best way possible.

Do you like it?

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  • I'm too distracted by Pacey's shiny pants. (21%, 956 Votes)

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