I love this dress; the question for me is the deployment thereof.

Blake Lively held about 25 percent true to the runway styling. Let’s break it down:

1) Hair: Slicked updo on the runway; easy waves on Blake. As much as Blake’s hair is her signature, the outfit is too twee on her with it draping all over her shoulders like that, so she should have removed her hair and mailed it to me so that I could wear it as my own. Failing that, I wish she’d done either a sleek or a soft updo — it would’ve made this just as romantic on her, but also more mature. Runway 1, Blake 0.

2) Lipstick: Both ladies matched it to the necklace. The fact that the necklace looks like a different color here, then, suggests an issue with the lighting, so it’s hard to judge. DAMN YOU, LIGHT. No points; still Runway 1, Blake 0.

3) Necklace: My instinct was that ALL of this jewelry was too over-the-top for the gown, but the addition of earrings on runway look pushes this over the top in a volcanic-lava kind of way: a sight to behold, but don’t try it at home. Alone, though, necklace seems like a random, cheap, costumey touch. At least the ginormous earrings with it suggests a deliberate trick. Thus, had I been Blake, I’d have styled this with totally different statement earrings (with my now-up hair) and no necklace at all. But she didn’t do that, so I’m going to give it to the runway. That’s Runway 2, Blake 0.

4) Shoes: Both pairs are upsetting. The runway pair is somewhat canklifying and looks like sex-torture ankle cuffs, and WHY did spell-check not freak out at “canklifying” when it’s yelling at me about “updo”? Wow. Anyway, Blake went off the grid with pointy-toed nude pumps that are totally the wrong shade for this outfit and can only have been selected because they match her level of foot-bronzer startlingly well. For not wearing the runway shoes, I give Blake a point, but for picking these instead she loses it, so that remains Runway 2, Blake 0.

5) Attitude: That model is GIVING IT. Her facial expression suggests that despite the girlish bouquet that is her giant tea cosy of a gown — gorgeous though I think it is — she herself is the kind of total sasspot who drizzles it with large costume jewelry and shoes that hook to a swing in her apartment. Blake just seems like she wants to know when the Easter egg hunt starts. Great if she were Kiernan Shipka and this was on the White House lawn, but she’s not, and it isn’t.

And so, to me, the runway version wins. But you should vote on whether you’d have bothered in the first place:


  • Runway wins (37%, 1,813 Votes)
  • Blake wins (11%, 516 Votes)
  • Runway wins, IF I HAVE TO PICK, but I don't like the dress (26%, 1,264 Votes)
  • No, BLAKE wins if I have to pick, but I ALSO don't like the dress (5%, 238 Votes)
  • I need a third styling option. (22%, 1,057 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,888

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[Photo: WENN]