I love this photo:

Anna Paquin’s face is really working lately. I don’t know why — maybe she’s growing into it (not that I thought she looked like her face was…er, poorly fitted before) or maybe she’s just happy, but she looks so pretty of late. I especially enjoy the slightly fuzzy, maternally-proud-looking woman smiling at her. She seems like an awesome proud PR ball-buster and I probably want to get coffee with her.

So I thought all that when I saw this picture and I also thought, “HOLY CRAP. Anna Paquin is ALSO in Scream 4? IS ANYONE NOT IN SCREAM 4?” Seriously. If you’re reading this and you’re an actress between the ages of 17 and 32, and you are NOT in Scream 4, please put down your laptop and call you agent and find out WHY. Then come back and hang out for a while, and please know that even if we make fun of your pants, it’s just because we want the best for you and by “the best,” we mean “better pants.”

When I thought that was a belt, I was in a tizzy of glee over how much I loved this (although would have been certainly a bit austere). Now that I know it’s safety pins, I feel…confused. Perplexed. Worried that one of them is going to snap open and stab her while she’s trying to watch the movie. Which probably IS full of stabbing, so….now at least it’s kind of thematic.

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