Is it perhaps an odd time — no pun intended — to be purchasing a timepiece, given that we feel like we’re living in a moment when time has no meaning? Perhaps. But (a) maybe time will eventually have meaning again one day? (b) sometimes you really don’t want to look at your phone, and are too far away to see the microwave and you still want to know what time it is, and (c) I truly cannot resist a theme, and Monday’s Met Gala theme was meant to be “About Time: Fashion and Duration.” So let’s look at pretty watches, anyway.

FWIW, in the Outside Times, I LOVE a watch as an accessory. For one thing, it honestly is sincerely useful to be able to know what time it is without digging out your phone. They’re like a bracelet with a purpose. I have a Michael Kors one sort of like this (my watchface is white; mine is quite old) and I love it. My DREAM watch is a vintage Cartier Tank Watch, obviously, but I will need something thrilling to happen for that to occur to my wrist. FWIW, if you have some time — again, no pun intended — I have spent a LOT of time window-shopping vintage watches here.

Here are some other charming ones you might want to look at:

Some of these are men’s watches because I personally believe watches are gender-neutral. (Having said that, it was easier to live by this sword when I could pop into the watch shop and have the strap adjusted.) Also, I tried to resist the fact that I have apparently got very expensive watch tastes, which is a shame as I do not have a very expensive watch budget, but I only did medium well. As I was writing this, I kept thinking, “ooh, that one’s nice. Oh, it’s $1200.” Now is NOT the time for me to become a Fancy Watch Person! (Having said that, there are some very reasonable options in here, and it turns out I’m also sort of into those digital old-school Casios? Like this royal blue one at Target is CUTE and it’s $12, and Casio is a reliable brand. They’re also selling the Casio with the CALCULATOR ON IT, old-school style, which is so hipster-retro to me right now. I might get that blue one? It’s so PEPPY.) (Having said THAT, I did include one VERY VERY expensive one in this round-up, mostly because I wanted you to see it, but if you feel like super-spending your feelings on this watch PLEASE DO IT, I want a Fug National to have it.)

PS: Because everything is on sale right now due to…everything…just know that almost all of those have been marked down. For some annoying reason, I cannot get the widget to show the sale price, just the original. If you like it, click through.

FYI: GFY always uses affiliate links where available, which means we get a tiny bonus if you get yourself something new. I can assure you that all items were personally chosen by me while I sat around drinking iced coffee and watching Survivor.