We’ve gotten a lot of requests recently for a shopping post focused on SHIRTS. Like, “casual work shirts,” “shirts I can wear on Zoom without ironing,” and “fancy normal tee shirts.” I sympathize with this need because I feel like every time I open my closet, it seems like I don’t own any so-called “normal shirts.” I have a lot of WHIMSICAL BLOUSES but sometimes you need something chill, especially if you are wearing something more intense on the bottom. I bought this plain white tee after Hillary Kerr recommended it in her newsletter and I wear it a lot, for example. It’s pretty pricey for a tee shirt, though. I also wear these J.Crew ones often, and they’re on sale! This quest seems even more important now, when it feels like everyone is trying to reinvent the shirt and half the stuff in stores has, like, a giant secret bow on the back or weird ruffles. I think most of these are normal, anyway:

I have to note that the rainbow Boden tee has A LOT of non-rainbow options, which I could not get to show up on the widget. (Although I also support your rainbow tee wearing!)

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