Let me say one thing and it is that now is a great time to be shopping your own closet, if you’ve been living a life that was perhaps considerably less social over the last few years. As we (perhaps?????!!!????) emerge from You Know, All This, it is a great time to see what cute something or other accidentally fell behind your luggage in the middle of 2020, and whether or not you want to rescue it. One of my own favorite bags is off to the shoe repair place this week because the inner lining is torn. However! It is also fair if you look into your closet and think, “I hate all this” and decide you might want a new bag. A new bag (or new to you bag) is really a reliably pleasant purchase. I just spent like an hour on 1st Dibs looking at mid-aughts Marc Jacobs bags and it was so enjoyable, and I didn’t even buy one!

But one of these might appeal:


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