Fug Madness — if you are new here, and if so, welcome! — is our annual bracket determining the celeb who’s had the worst-dressed year. Our traditional period is Oscars to Oscars, meaning, the eligibility window begins after the 2019 Oscars and concludes at the end of the 2020 Oscars. [Here is a FAQ; here is our Wall of Fame.] This means our committee had a little extra planning time this year. Did we use it? Hell no!

Anyway, as we begin our discussions, who are the people you’d nominate for having an especially bad year? Who are your sneaky pics and dark horses? As a reminder, we consider the whole body of work, and not just one representative outfit (although certainly one single bad outfit can push someone pretty far). To me, as top seeds go, it feels like a tricky year, and your input will be extra freaky valuable.